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The ONESHOT. ONELIFE.® Mastermind Group is an exclusive group that will walk through Doug Fitzgerald’s “Ultimate Success Formula” throughout 2019.

“The two main reasons the Mastermind Group had such an impact on my life was the rhythm register that ultimately created habits that changed the trajectory of my life for the good. Layered on top of that, or alongside that, was the healthy accountability the men in the group provided.”

Trey Pittenger

Business Owner
“I enjoyed the accountability from the Mastermind Group. Simply knowing at each meeting folks were going to ask for an update on how I was doing. That in and of itself was enough motivation. A group that truly cared whether or not I was fulfilling on the goals I had set out to accomplish.”

Trey Pittenger

Business Owner

“The Ultimate Success Formula” will help you…

  • Set clear priorities for 2019 in the areas of: Money, People,Faith, Work & Health
  • Find proven plans to achieve your priorities
  • Master persistence in implementing your plans
  • Ignite “The Multipliers”: 2 Principles that will dramatically multiply your success
“Focus and follow through. Two behaviors that tend to be my achilles heel. Working with others in the Mastermind Group helped modify my behavior. I now direct my future as opposed to flowing into it with reckless abandon. The members of our group care about me and my progression in both my personal and business life. The goal setting and all around life balance I have attained are priceless.”

Gary Tharnish

Business Owner
“The members of our group care about me and my progression in both my personal and business life. The goal setting and all around life balance I have attained are priceless.”

Gary Tharnish

Business Owner

Here’s what you’ll get by being part of our Mastermind Group…

  • A full year of membership, meeting from January through December in 2019.
  • A one-on-one introductory 30-minute call with Doug to evaluate your priorities.
  • A monthly 90-minute video conference with Doug and your group where Doug will teach specific aspects of the “Ultimate Success Formula” and where you will share your personal progress.
  • Membership in our exclusive Facebook Group where Doug will provide weekly posts and you will be able to interact and encourage other members of the group.
  • “The Ultimate Success Formula” materials
  • A FREE autographed copy of Doug’s brand new book ONESHOT. ONELIFE.® – The Ultimate Success Formula To Help You Win At Anything In Life.
“Going through the Mastermind Group made me a better man, husband, and business owner. Being able to share and learn from other respected members of the group was invaluable. The takeaways I learned from the group helped solidify my business financially; which led to me being more present in my marriage and a more fulfilled life.”

John Wooten

Business Owner

How You Can Join

  • Since our group is limited to first 10 accepted members, you will need to fill out our Mastermind Group Application.
  • If you are accepted into join the group, you will be sent an email to lock in your position.
  • Acceptance is based upon the first to apply, your availability to meet, commitment to the group for all 12 months, and your ability to video conference.
  • To lock in your spot once you are accepted, you will need to pay your Mastermind Group fee immediately after accept confirmation.

Cost: $97 per month for 12 months, or a one-time payment of $1,067 (saving you $97)

“Doug has consistently supported and encouraged me in my life journey. I know he wants me to live well and finish well and over the years he’s been right along side of me cheering me on to be the man God wants me to be. Doug is a true and dear friend.”

Bryan Olesen

Business Owner
“Doug’s thoughts and suggestions have helped me improve my relationship with my wife, family, friends, clients and business partners. By learning from some of Doug’s past experiences, my mental state and physical fitness levels are the best they have been in the last 7 years.”

Darin Petersen

Business Owner

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