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One Shot. One Life. - Book

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“It has been my honor and privilege to share a stage with, and work alongside of Doug Fitzgerald. He is not only an associate, but a dear friend and mentor who is committed to living a life of integrity - both privately and publicly. He will challenge you to dig deep and live courageously, as he does so himself.”

Traci Morrow

Business Owner

"If you want to make a serious change in your life, ONESHOT. ONELIFE.® provides an excellent set of principles, action steps and planning worksheets to guide your change process. Doug emphasizes that planning is not enough. Persistent action and courage are critical to accomplish your priorities. He also focuses on the importance of having continuous evaluation and a support group. Anyone implementing these concepts will have all the tools to make significant change in any aspect of life: relationships, business, financial, religion or health."

Bill Blokker, Ed.D.

Leadership & Change Consultant

“Doug's thoughts and suggestions have helped me improve my relationship with my wife, family, friends, clients and business partners. By learning from some of Doug's past experiences, my mental state and physical fitness levels are the best they have been in the last 7 years.”

Darin Petersen

Business Owner

"This book is exactly what I needed. I love that it requires us to take action and isn’t just a book to read, digest and then shelve. For me, this feels like a reference to keep out and available to remind myself WHY I do what I do. And I love that it points back to God each and every time. Loving God and loving others."

Michelle Wallace

Business Owner & CEO

“Doug has consistently supported and encouraged me in my life journey. I know he wants me to live well and finish well and over the years he's been right along side of me cheering me on to be the man God wants me to be. Doug is a true and dear friend.”

Bryan Olesen

Business Owner

"I'd describe this as a "textbook for success!" Definitely one of the most interesting and valuable books I have ever read. I also love how the worksheets are incorporated into the book. This gives the reader something tangible to work with, giving them the ability to take what they learn and put it into action right away!"

Brock Rathman

College Student

“Wisdom comes with age and experience but when it relates to Doug, I feel wisdom comes from perspective. How we look at a specific situation in our lives will greatly impact the outcome. I truly appreciate the perspective Doug brings to our conversations. You'd be wise to allow him to speak into your life as well."

Jeff Dostal

Business Owner

"Doug! I’m reading your awesome book and I could not put it down."

Ceron Lawrence

Business Consultant

“The two main reasons the Mastermind had such an impact on my life was the rhythm register that ultimately created habits that changed the trajectory of my life for the good. Layered on top of that, or alongside that, was the healthy accountability the men in the group provided."

Trey Pittenger

Business Owner

"ONESHOT. ONELIFE.® ignited a fresh passion in me. These simple principles have helped me finally put my life on a track for success."

James Meyer


“Doug has really challenged me. He helped me believe in myself and in my business. When we talk, he always brings fresh ideas while keeping me focused on the matter at hand. I highly recommend him as a mentor, friend and coach."

John Wooten

Business Owner


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