2021 KAIros Mastermind Group

Currently SOLD OUT!


Here’s what you’ll get by being part of our KAIROS Mastermind Group…

  • Full membership into the group, that will meet from January through
    December in 2021.
  • Two monthly 60-minute video conferences with me and our group
    where I will teach the “Ultimate Success Formula” and where you will
    share your personal progress.
  • Four 60-minute personal video conferences where you work directly
    with me in a 1-on-1 setting.
  • Two In-person 1-Day workshops with the group.*
  • Membership in “The Ultimate Success Formula Online Course”.
  • Membership in our exclusive Facebook Group where you’ll
    collaborate with your group members and build deeper relationships.
  • Our exclusive Mastermind Group Binder to track your success.
  • FREE autographed copy of my bestselling book ONESHOT.

*All In-Person Workshops will take place at a location that will be shared in
the future. You will be responsible for all of your own personal travel,
lodging and food expenses.

Here are the five principles you will implement with Doug and the support of
your group…

  • Set clear priorities in the areas of Money, Relationships, Faith,
    Work/Career, Health, and Your Hopes & Dreams.
  • Find a proven plan to achieve your priorities.
  • Master persistence in carrying out your proven plans to success.
  • Enjoy the benefits of regular revaluation
  • Tap into the life changing power of a success partner

The Kiros mastermind group will help you…

  • Identify and set clear priorities in the areas of: Money, People, Faith, Work, Health and Your Hopes & Dreams
  • Find proven plans to achieve your priorities
  • Master persistence in implementing your plans
  • Enjoy the benefits of regular evaluation
  • Tap into the remarkable power of having a Success Partner
  • Much more



Doug Fitzgerald is a highly successful best selling author, speaker, personal coach and business owner who specializes in helping people achieve their vital life priorities. His authentic and relational approach in sharing the principles of The Ultimate Success Formula has helped thousands in the areas of Money, People, Faith, Work, Health and Their Hopes & Dreams. Plus, he’s a product of the product!

Doug has used these principles to:

  • Heal his marriage and make it the best it’s ever been.
  • Build a deep and meaningful relationship with his kids
  • Get out of thousands of dollars of debt
  • Build up an investment portfolio to take care of his family’s future
  • Create two highly successful businesses
  • Dramatically transform his health and fitness
  • And more

Doug has helped thousands of people implement these powerful principles with tremendous results, and he can help you achieve success too.



“Focus and follow through. Two behaviors that tend to be my achilles heel. Working with others in the Mastermind Group helped modify my behavior. I now direct my future as opposed to flowing into it with reckless abandon. The members of our group care about me and my progression in both my personal and business life. The goal setting and all around life balance I have attained are priceless.”

Gary Tharnish

Business Owner
“The members of our group care about me and my progression in both my personal and business life. The goal setting and all around life balance I have attained are priceless.”

Gary Tharnish

Business Owner


Doug will only lead 1 Kairos Group in 2021,

so join today! *** We Are Sold out!***


The ONESHOT. ONELIFE.® Kairos Mastermind Group is an exclusive group that will walk through Doug Fitzgerald’s

“Ultimate Success Formula” throughout 2021.

How You Can Join

  • Since our group is limited to first 10 accepted members, you will need to fill out our Mastermind Group Application.
  • If you are accepted into join the group, you will be sent an email to lock in your position.
  • Acceptance is based upon the first to apply, your availability to meet and commitment to the group for all 12 months, and your ability to video conference.
  • To lock in your position (once you are accepted), you will need to pay your Mastermind Group fee immediately.

Cost: $247 per month for 12 months, or get 1 month FREE with a one-time payment of $2,717


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