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ONESHOT. ONELIFE.® Book Overview

ONESHOT. ONELIFE.® will help you start achieving real and meaningful success in every area of your life. You will learn how to implement five powerful principles, called The Ultimate Success Formula, that have been proven over and over again to help people succeed in the vital areas of Money, People, Faith, Work and Health.

The Ultimate Success Formula will help you establish clear priorities in these vital areas, find a proven plan to achieve each priority, and apply critical secrets needed to stay persistent in implementing plans to completion. You will also discover “The Multipliers,” two bonus principles that provide an edge and help multiply overall success.

Whatever goals or dreams you have for your life, ONESHOT. ONELIFE.® is the proven roadmap to help you stop worrying and start winning at anything in life.

From The Back Cover

“Why is this happening to me?”

Most of us have asked this question at some point in our life.

  • Perhaps when a relationship was falling apart or slipping away.
  • Or when the bills kept piling up and you didn’t know how you were going to pay them all.
  • Or when you got overlooked for a job promotion, laid off, or fired.
  • Or when you felt stuck and that all your hopes and dreams were passing you by.
  • Or even when life seemed so overwhelming and meaningless that you considered throwing in the towel.

Do you often worry about these or other things?

Life is not easy! But there is hope – hope for a truly fulfilling life that will allow you to live out your life’s purpose with great success.

The ONESHOT. ONELIFE. Ultimate Success Formula will help you stop worrying and start winning by achieving real and meaningful success in the areas of Money, People, Faith, Work, and Health. Inside you will learn how to apply five powerful principles that have been proven to bring success and help people achieve their life’s priorities and dreams.


Remember, you only have ONE SHOT at your ONE LIFE! So get started today!

Sample Interview Questions

  1. Congratulations on the release of your first book: “ONESHOT. ONELIFE.® – The Ultimate Success Formula To Help You Win At Anything In Life”. Tell us the story behind bringing this book to life.
  2. You really help people focus on making a powerful change in their lives in the areas of Money, People, Faith, Work and Health using The Ultimate Success Formula. What are the 5 principles of that formula?
  3. Which of the five principles you teach about do you consider to be one of the most important?
  4. I noticed that you use the word Priorities instead of Goals in the book. Why?
  5. What if someone has a dream that they want to pursue, can you use The Ultimate Success Formula to achieve it?
  6. The book is an amazing resource that walks the reader through step-by-step in how to implement The Ultimate Success formula in their lives. Will you share with us the format of the book and what the reader can expect?
  7. Throughout the book you weave in the powerful story of how you and your wife Tammie mended your strained relationship using The Ultimate Success Formula. Would you briefly share your story with us?
  8. Can kids and teens use The Ultimate Success Formula to pursue their hopes and dreams too?
  9. What is your hope for the biggest impact your book will have on people’s lives?
  10. How can we get our hands on a copy of the book?
  11. What else do you offer people through your website at that our audience can utilize to help be successful in every area of their life?
  12. You are also a very motivational and life-changing speaker. How can someone get in contact with you to have you come speak to their business, group, or organization, OR, bring you in to present your ONESHOT. ONELIFE.® – Ultimate Success Formula Seminar?

If you’d like these 12 questions in an easy to print PDF, please CLICK HERE.

Usable Media

What People Are Saying about ONE SHOT. ONE LIFE.®

“If you want to make a serious change in your life, Doug Fitzgerald’s book, ONESHOT. ONELIFE.®, provides an excellent set of principles, action steps and planning worksheets to guide your change process. Fitzgerald emphasizes that planning is not enough. Persistent action and courage are critical to accomplish your priorities. He also focuses on the importance of having continuous evaluation and a support group. Anyone implementing the concepts presented by Fitzgerald will have all the tools to make significant change in any aspect of life: relationships, business, financial, religion or health.”

Bill Blokker, Ed.D.

Leadership & Change Consultant

“This book is exactly what I needed. I love that it requires us to take action and isn’t just a book to read, digest and then shelve. For me, this feels like a reference to keep out and available to remind myself WHY I do what I do. And I love that it points back to God each and every time. Loving God and loving others.”

Michelle Wallace

Business Owner & CEO

“I’d describe this as a “textbook for success!” Definitely one of the most interesting and valuable books I have ever read. I also love how the worksheets are incorporated into the book. This gives the reader something tangible to work with, giving them the ability to take what they learn and put it into action right away! As I read this book, I continually reflected on my own life and how I am living it. I’m already starting to re-organize and re-prioritize things and I just finished the book 10 minutes ago! Overall, this book delivers highly valuable information in a simple way that everyone can understand. This is a book that facilitates success and I can’t wait to share it! OUTSTANDING WORK!”

Brock Rathman

College Student

“Doug! I’m reading your awesome book and I could not put it down.”

Ceron Lawrence

Business Consultant

“ONESHOT. ONELIFE. ignited a fresh passion in me. These simple principles have helped me finally put my life on a track for success.”

James Meyer


“This book is a tool for success that will hit home on small issues as well as large; most readers should find multiple thoughts that need addressed in their own lives. I wanted to absorb every last word—great job Doug!”

Dennis Rash

Bio: Doug Fitzgerald


Doug Fitzgerald is an Amazon best selling author, CEO, speaker, and personal coach. Known for his authentic and relational approach to life, Doug’s real, honest, and transparent communication is admired for being focused on helping others achieve their life priorities.

Doug’s leadership is on the cutting edge of growth and development, focused on achieving big goals and priorities, continually growing a vision to help and serve others, and creating tools to achieve success that actually work.

Over the past few years he has been developing ONESHOT. ONELIFE.®, his latest business to help people stop worrying about life and start winning at life in the areas of Money, People, Faith, Work, Health and Their Hopes & Dreams.

In September of 2018, Doug released his first book titled: “ONESHOT. ONELIFE.® – The Ultimate Success Formula To Help You Win At Anything In Life.” In it he shares the five powerful principles of The Ultimate Success Formula and provides a proven roadmap for success in life.

He started his career as a radio disc jockey for 7 years (hosting a #1 Top 40 Morning Show) and served as a Youth & Executive Pastor for 13 years before turning his attention to starting and building two multi-million-dollar businesses over the past 13 years.

Doug holds Bachelor of Science Degrees in both Human Resource Development and Biblical Studies from Grace University in Omaha, NE.

He currently resides in Lincoln, Nebraska and has been married to his wife Tammie for over 28 years. They have two children, Dylan and Sydney.

You can purchase his book online at or anywhere books are sold, both online and at your local bricks and mortar stores.

To have him share his motivational message, speak, or bring ONESHOT. ONELIFE.® – The Ultimate Success Formula Seminar to your business, group, or organization, you can contact him through his website at

If you’d like Doug’s Official Bio in an easy to print PDF, please CLICK HERE.

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