Are your kid’s experiencing loss during this time of Social Distancing? Loss of: school, activities, birthday parties, sports, prom, work, separation from friends, wedding, graduation, …

Watching your kid’s go through a time of loss like this is one of the most difficult things a parent can experience mentally and emotionally during this crisis. That’s why it’s so important to be proactive as a parent and do our best to help our kids navigate successfully throughout this time.

During this 4-Part Facebook Live Series, Doug interviews special guests and Jennifer Thumm, a Licensed Professional Counselor. Jennifer provides practical and implementable steps to help parents and their kids mentally and emotionally navigate successfully through this difficult time of loss that we all facing in this crisis.

This Show’s Special Guests:

Brooke Lindquist: A high school senior losing out on prom, sports, graduation ceremony and more will share her experience. Her parents Becky & Jeff will be joining her too.

Marty Hughes: A middle & high school principle who’s son is a senior and who’s job is helping navigate teachers, administrators, parents and students through the difficulties of this crisis.

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Jennifer is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the owner of Haven Professional Counseling, LLC. She leads her team of 9 counselors who are focused on helping individuals and families navigate through the challenges in their world. Her and her counselors are always available for Telehealth sessions during this difficult time.

Haven Professional Counseling, LLC:

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Our 4-Part Facebook Live Series Includes:
Part 1: Parents of Young Children:
Part 2: Parents of Teens:
Part 3: Parents of College-Aged:
Part 4: Parents of Young Adults:

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